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Five Yard Dog: News

Website back online - October 31, 2016

After almost a year of being offline, we're back. Well, back on the World Wide Web. Not sure when we'll start gigging again.


Gig cancelled - November 14, 2015

I have reluctantly cancelled our Dec. 4th gig at the Wolf Creek Tasting Room. Sometimes life gets in the way of things that we love to do.


Children welcome - July 20, 2015

This is old news for our band but it might be new news to some of you. Quite some time ago we made a decision to play only in places where our friends could bring their children. This limits the number of venues where we can perform but at this stage in our lives...that's ok. We're not trying to make a big name for ourselves and frankly don't care if this policy closes certain doors of opportunity that 'might' advance the interests of the band. We don't play in 21 and over bars.


Drake has passed - November 22, 2013

Sadly, the 'official' Five Yard Dog passed away this fall because of complications from old age. He was not my dog but belonged to a musician friend of mine. His family will miss him. Drake the mastiff will remain the face of the Five Yard Dog band. Better his face than mine.


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